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Dancehall Sweethearts

Dancehall Sweethearts | Upstairs At The Gatehouse | 

'Back over to the Camden Fringe now for this play by Mial Pagan, which is set during the Northern Irish sectarian civil war of the 1970s and 80s. Focusing on young music lover Donal, it is a hard hitting drama which examines how even the unwilling can end up involved in conflict, and what impact that can have on their lives, and those of their families.'

Dancehall Sweethearts

Is there a moment in your life you wish you could revisit to stop or change an event? For music loving teenager Donal his moment is the second before he pulls a trigger on a cold winter's night in Belfast, propelling himself and his family into a nightmare of silence and despair. 

This touching and humane play opens during the conflict tearing Northern Ireland apart in the 1970s. Friends divided by religion, united by music, are pulled into violent acts bringing chaos to their lives, yet redemption lies in unexpected places.

Audience reaction to Dancehall Sweethearts

'Last chance to see this is before it transfers to Camden Fringe Festival. You cannot spend twelve quid more wisely; brilliantly written, superbly directed and sublimely acted, it really doesn't get better! GO GO GO!'

'What a powerful piece of writing. Brilliantly and creatively directed, beautifully and sensitively acted. I loved it!'

Other People's Lives

Mick, an anarchist with a religious fixation, opens a new squat in Brixton and a fresh chapter in the lives of a group of political activists with varying ideals and visions of the world. These differences create frictions which simmer constantly but are kept in check by the closeness of their relationships. Alan, a manipulative outsider arrives to expose the fault lines. His actions and the corrosive effect of Mick’s personal demons test unity and idealism to destruction.


"The writer has captured these characters brilliantly - their ambitions, quarrels, loves and betrayals, all brought to life by a strong cast. The play was characterised by really lively dialogue which got plenty of laughs from a large audience."

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